Bring out his playful side this Father’s Day with these fun novelty gift ideas.

Build your own roller coaster…. with straws!

roller coaster straws


Make dad’s drinks extra fun this summer with the ‘straw roller coasters’ letting you twist and loop your way from your drink to your glass.




Grow your Own Snore Ease!

snore ease



If your Dad interrupts the TV by falling asleep on the Sofa and Snoring loudly, then here is the answer! This fun present will put his green fingers to good use and put a stop to those loud ZZZzzz.




The Oversized Man Mug!

man mug



This man mug is ideal for the DIY lover who likes his caffeine fix. Practical and eye catching, the pencil holder and spirit level are useful editions.






man bowl




If your standard crockery just doesn’t accommodate your man’s mammoth-sized portions, here is the perfect solution – The Man Bowl.




Emergency Mustaches

emergency moustaches




Is your dad lacking in facial hair? Here is a simple solution… these mustaches will make for great disguises or just let him mix up his look!





The Traveler’s Cork Board

cork board



If your dad has tales of all the places he has visited, this cork board is just the gift. You can peg all his photos to their locations and see just how much of the world he has really covered!





The Cat Design Pencil Sharpener

pencil sharpener


The designers of this one had a real sense of humour!