People look at me strangely as I walk down the street. I wonder why. And then I remember. There is a little face peering over my shoulder. A baby not in a pram at crotch level but at eye level where everyone can see her. They respond to her smiles and giggles by talking to her, commenting on how beautiful her curls are.

This is why I love baby wearing. My baby can see everything from my level and can interact with the world and with me. My son is two and when I carry him on my back we talk about everything that passes us. “Bike brmmm brmmm” he shouts on my ear as he walks up the road to see Granny and Grandad.

It’s a lovely bonding experience having your child so close to you that you can kiss them and chat to them as you walk together. It is also useful when your newborn just wants to be cuddled and you need to do the housework and when you have to chase your toddler as he legs it down the street. But carrying your little one isn’t just useful it is wonderful. Try it. You never know you might just love it as much as me.

Katharine Grant lives in Chelmsford and has two children aged 2 years and 6 months. She runs Streetlife toddler street dance classes and is in the process of setting up a baby sling and carrier shop. She also hosts Chelmsford Sling Meet.

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