The recent National Fertility Awareness Week which cumulated with a Fertility Show in association with Infertility Network UK at Olympia in London was a great way to bring awareness of fertility into the mainstream consciousness.

It’s the word ‘awareness’ that has made a difference. For far too long is just been assumed that becoming pregnant is a natural process that happened or it doesn’t, sometimes planned, sometimes not – but of course it’s far more complex than that.

The Process

The week raised awareness of the plight that couples face when trying to start their family, awareness of the support available via the GP, awareness of any NHS funding, awareness of what options are available, awareness of how complementary therapies can help, awareness of the financial implications, awareness of embarking down the IVF route, the awareness of the strain when others are falling pregnant easily and so much more.

There are numerous avenues of high profile clinics, professional support and therapies to help but have you also considered a very important aspect, that often goes unnoticed and rarely gets a mention ‘what awareness do you have for your own emotions? How you feel about your body, reproductive system and even thoughts?

Your Emotions

Trying for a baby can be very tricky whichever road you take and if I told you being mindful of your own self awareness can help to bring clarity to your inner dialogue, be more emotionally in control and more importantly feel a deep connection with your body. I’m sure you would want to know more!

So lets think about how do you cope with thoughts such as loneliness, isolation, jealousy, and envy? Thoughts about your body, do you like, trust and feel confident with it? How to you view your reproductive system, your womb and ovaries?

There are no right or wrong answers it is just how it is for you. Take a little time to sit down and ask yourself these questions, the results may surprise you or you may even feel emotional, just go with it. Equally you may not have any thoughts about your body but many about a particular aspect that keeps on repeating itself like a never ending shopping list.

Here’s a great tip – take a piece of paper and write down what thoughts you are currently struggling with, how do you view your body leading to do you trust and feel confident with your womb and ovaries? Be honest and write down how you feel, the good, not so good thoughts, the ‘what if’s’, the ‘maybe’s’, worries, tensions, if in doubt write it down!   It can excellent initial step to see if there are any past emotions surfacing, are you really in tune with your body or being too self critical?

It’s a very interesting exercise and you will be surprised once you start writing how much emotion your are holding on to, it maybe current, it maybe from the past, it maybe work related whatever it is, this is your self awareness starting point. Lets put it another way, you are taking back control of what you can to improve your emotional fitness and well being