Bonfire night is fast approaching, and whilst it is an exciting time for everyone (perhaps not pets), it is important to take precautions around fireworks to avoid unnecessary accidents; be safe, not sorry! So, before they explode read the code:

1)    Wear gloves and light sparklers one at a time.

2)    Never give sparklers to children under 5 years old.

3)    Buy fireworks marked BS7114.

4)    Keep fireworks in a closed box.

5)    Follow the instructions on each firework.

6)    Light fireworks at arm’s length using a taper.

7)    Stand well back from a lit firework.

8)    Never return to a lit firework if it has not gone off.

9)    Never put fireworks in your pocket.

10)  Never throw fireworks.

11)   Keep all pets indoors.

It is important to remember that fireworks are not toys and are potentially extremely dangerous, especially for young children who may be exposed to sparklers and do not fully understand the risks involved. They trust you, as a parent, to keep them safe.

For more information on firework safety and the law visit the Essex Police guide to Bonfire Night.


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