A survey carried out by Nurofen for Children has found that the average first-time mum doesn’t enjoy motherhood until their baby is six months old. Rather than being excited and enjoying the first few months with their baby, many mothers feel exhausted, stressed and struggle to cope with the demands of their newborn baby.

The mothers surveyed said they did not understand many aspects of motherhood, including health, feeding, safety and illness. Did you feel prepared for motherhood when your first baby arrived? When you arrived home from hospital, were you like many of the mothers in this survey; baffled as to what to do next with your new bundle of joy?

Over half of the mothers surveyed also said that they felt like they had lost their identity after having a child and 35% missed leaving the house and going to work.*

Have you struggled to get to grips with motherhood? Do you feel like you like you have lost the common interests with existing friends? Have you had to find new friends to socialise with that understand your new role better?

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* Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2539854/First-time-mothers-dont-fully-enjoy-motherhood-baby-six-months-old-struggles-come-terms-life-changing-event.html