By Jennifer Dawson. Photo by rawpixel.

All employees in the UK have a legal right to request flexible working and research shows that 76% of employers in the UK now offer at least one form of flexible working. One of the largest groups of employees that are taking advantage of this perk is pregnant women, due to various reasons such as scheduling conveniences, a reduction in commute times and even perks during pregnancy leave.

From the ability to manage your own schedule and work in a few more maternity exercise routines to reducing stress by doing away with the morning commute, there are many benefits to telecommuting while pregnant. If this has enticed you to give it a try then here are three amazing remote jobs for expectant mums.

Virtual assistant services

If you spend most of your day on social media, love to write and have at least the slightest knack for time management and organisation then you might want to try your hand as a virtual assistant. Virtual task and administration is a popular entry-level or advanced remote work job that can include tasks such as inbox management, calendar management, and document formatting. However, if you are more interested in the social media side of things, try using your love of Pinterest to become a social media manager or social media consultant where you can get paid to work from home while simply being on social media.

Flexible working for expectant mothers

Short-burst customer service

This is a great option for ladies who are more extroverted and will want the added personal touch of communicating with other human beings throughout their workday. There are a lot of remote customer service jobs available, but the best-suited for pregnant women are the ones that allow you to schedule in short blocks that way you can get up and walk around or tend to your body when needed. Liveops, for example, allows you to schedule 30-minute blocks and Apple at Home generally provides nice breaks between sessions.

Teaching English online to children

What better way to prepare for your new role as a mum than to practice working with children on a daily basis? Due to the increasing demand for children around the world, and particularly in Asia, to learn English at a young age, many companies are offering remote teaching positions to native English speakers. The great thing about this type of position is that you typically on need to show proof that you graduated from university to snag the job. The academies will provide all of the materials and lesson plans for you and you simply log on each morning and speak English with a kid for 20 to 25 minutes.

Building a passive income before the baby arrives

It is important to enjoy the process you and your body are experiencing while pregnant while also focusing on the financial needs of your family as well as your own professional development. Look for a remote job that allows you to do something you love while gaining helpful experience and a proper income.