A free baby and pregnancy event will be taking place  at Riverside Ice and Leisure in Chelmsford on Monday, September 25th.
The information event will showcase the essentials of pre and postnatal holistic health, fitness, wellness and nutrition in your local area.  
Held from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, the event will feature an evening of presentations from your local experts, as well as unique services for all expectant mums or those planning to start a family.

Speakers and topics on the night will be:-

Claire Johnson of CJ’sFitbumps: Pre and Post Natal Holistic Health Coach talking about the PreNatal Coaching, Post baby, Mum and Baby and Pregnancy Relaxation classes held at Riverside as well as her 1 to 1 personal training, pregnancy support and holistic health coaching.
Lucy Robinson and Kristie Knight of Babies In Waiting Hypnobirthing will be discussing hypnobirthing, its benefits and how you can integrate its principles to your ideal birth plan.

Jo Hunt and Esme Powle from Doterra Oils will be discussing the benefits essential oils have during pregnancy as well as labour and home remedies for infants and babies. Visit oilsbyjo.co.uk
 for more information.Charlotte Crossman, an acupuncturist who specialises in pre birth acupuncture for healthy pregnancy and how to have an easier labour will be talking about the benefits of acupuncture and the common conditions it can treat.

Steph Grainger from The Nesting Place will explain the benefits of having a doula as well as additional pregnancy support.

The Baby Gift Chic Boutique will be showcasing their range of unique baby clothing and baby shower gifts, as well Bee from WoMEn Time and the local BuggyFit team.

Spaces are limited so to register your interest by emailing riverside@chelmsford.gov.uk

For more information on this free baby and pregnancy event, visit the organiser’s Facebook page.