We love these super sparkly fridge magnets; easy to make and you never get two the same!


5-10 minutes per magnet

Age range:

2-12 years (be careful to supervise little ones very carefully if using small beads)


  • Air drying clay
  • Shiny/sparkly beads
  • Cocktail stick
  • Magnets (we have cut up a magnetic strip bought cheaply online but you could easily dismantle some old fridge magnets)


  1. Mould a small piece of clay into your desired shape.
  2. Push the beads into the clay
  3. Make a pattern in the clay by pricking it with the cocktail stick
  4. Push a magnet into the clay on the reverse side (see top tip!)
  5. When your magnet is dry you could write name and date on the reverse to make a lovely memento.

Top tip! Make sure your magnet is strong enough to support your masterpiece – do this before it dries and then you can easily push an extra magnet in the back