In a series of articles, Sally Hall,  shares some great ideas and tips for decorating a home to fit your growing family’s needs, while still reflecting your personal style and personality. In this second part, Sally discusses how to make great nursery furniture choices.

Got that room painted… great, let’s fill it!

Last time we talked about a very clean, fresh nursery – a blank canvas as such.  And if it’s a blank canvas on your walls, you need to make it very personalise and cosy in you choice of furnishings.

In terms of furniture, it needs to be practical BUT it needs to work for the long term and not just the short term.  Furniture is an investment and it is where you should allocate most of your decorating budget.  You can repaint or wallpaper a wall for very low cost, but you cannot replace a key piece of furniture so easily.  So think carefully, choose pieces you completely and utterly love and make sure you are little bit practical in your choices, too!

Purpose designed changing tables are great and completely lovely if you can afford to indulge or if you are planning on more than one littlie which will ensure they get their use.  But as an alternative, a chest of drawers will work just as well and give you storage for today and tomorrow.   Choose one that is sturdy and top it with a soft changing mat.

I have a big thing for chairs.  In my view, every room or space needs a stunning chair and your nursery is top of that list.  You need somewhere to feed, somewhere to cuddle and somewhere to read those bedtime stories.  Your little one needs somewhere to sit their bears, somewhere to hide under and somewhere to read themselves.  And your teenager (I know, I know but they will grow!) needs somewhere to dump their clothes – it’s got to be better than the floor, right?  So choose a chair that will serve your needs and their needs.  One that will last for years and years.  If you choose well, your chair will see you through baby right the way through to adult, and even do the same for your grandchildren.

No room is complete without cushions.  They can turn any room into a sanctuary so choose ones which compliment each other, and lots of them!  I often by cushions in pairs and this ‘rule’ as served me well.  The cushions on either end of my daughter’s bed used to live on the bed in our guest bedroom before living on my bed in my previous home – pre-children.  I love that Belle’s cushions have a ‘story’ – that they have been passed on from me to her.

The final, and most important touch is the personalised finishing bits and pieces.  It could be a personalised picture, a photo frame with your baby scan in it, a noticeboard made from a photograph of your newly expanded family or even a teddy bear made out of your baby’s first baby-grow.   These finishing touches will turn a beautiful room into your beautiful room.  Enjoy.

Next time, we will consider a few different possible themes, and I’ll be sharing my tips on how to ensure that any theme you choose will have longevity – from baby to toddler to child.

I’d love to hear from you with your ideas, too, so do please leave a comment or post on Facebook.

Until next time……