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Further fall in teen pregnancy rate

fall in teen pregnancy

New figures show that the teen pregnancy rate in England and Wales is continuing to fall.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, 5,740 girls aged under 18 were pregnant between April and June 2014.

This compares with 6,279 teen pregnancies during the same period in 2013 and 7,083 in 2012.

For several years the UK had one of the highest teenage pregnancy and abortion rates in Western Europe.

Now the figures show that pregnancies are occurring in 23.3 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 17, which experts say is closely in line with the rest of Western Europe.

A spokeswoman for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service said: “Contrary to popular perception, this data shows that the teenage pregnancy rate is falling dramatically in England and Wales. While the UK has historically had a high teenage conception rate, it is now at its lowest level on record and not significantly out of step with other European countries.

“We have seen a huge decline in the number of babies born to teenage mothers over the last decade, in part due to the improvements we’ve seen in contraception advice and services for younger women, with straightforward access to abortion services when their chosen method lets them down. But it also reflects broader societal shifts, with younger women quite rightly expecting and able to pursue educational and professional ambitions.”

In recent years, the government has put a number of strategies in place to help reduce teen pregnancy rates, particularly focusing on education and improving access to contraception.

Overall, the UK under-18 birth rate has fallen by almost a third (32.3%) since 2004, with an average EU drop of 15.6%.

Source: BBC

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