Vegetables provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are essential for good health and to support the growth of an energetic small human.  The more vegetables we can consume the better, yet on numerous occasion parents have endured endless battles with their children at the dinner table to eat their greens.

The health benefits for adults with eating a vegetable rich diet include reduced risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes plus the dietary fibre in vegetables can significantly improve digestion and decrease constipation.

By starting young and including vegetables in the daily diet of your child you are reducing their risk of developing health issues later in life and setting them up with the best eating habits. Check out this sample menu plan on how to supersize your child’s intake of nutrient dense vegetables.


One of the easiest ways to have vegetables at breakfast is to add frozen spinach or kale to a smoothie and blend with berries, banana, oats and your choice of milk or water.  It may be a green drink yet entice your child to try by referring to the Incredible Hulk, Popeye or similar


A great snack for growing toddlers is hummus with vegetable sticks such as carrots, cucumber and chopped tomatoes.  My little guy loves olives too!

eat their greens


Homemade vegetable fritters are easy, quick and delicious.  Blend in grated onion, courgette, carrot or potato to any recipe and serve with a salsa of diced tomatoes, basil and red pepper.



Homemade vegetable crisps such as sliced sweet potato, parsnip, carrots and even beetroot!  Simply thinly slice and spray lightly with coconut oil and season with a dash of sea salt then bake in oven until crispy.  You can even try this with kale and broccoli.


If making a bolognese, grate extra carrot or courgette to add in along with chopped mushrooms, baby leaf spinach and any other vegetable your little ones like.  If making mashed potato add in steamed cauliflower.

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