Last week the Essex Baby Team were treated to a day at a spa courtesy of the Glass House Retreat. We had a wonderful day and left that evening feeling totally relaxed and revitalised. If you’re looking to treat your loved one this Christmas, or need a bit of rest and recuperation yourself, we recommend you check out the Glass House Retreat.

The Glass House Retreat is a purpose built spa, detox and weight loss retreat in the heart of Essex. Offering a unique programme of wellness, fitness and nutrition led by their team of expert therapists, instructors and coaches, Glass House Retreat will be the go-to destination for those seeking the ultimate wellness experience.

We began the day with a delicious fruit smoothie in the retreat’s lounge, which has been decorated successfully to feel luxurious yet also cosy and comfortable at the same time.  Rather uniquely, and in comparison to many other more formulaic spas, The Glass House Retreat is small and intimate; the lounge feels just that a lounge not a holding area and the dinning room is communal with different parties chatting easily together.

Having missed the 7.45 am daily walk which all residential guests are encouraged to join we were given a tour around the retreat by one of the professional yet approachable staff; there is an overwhelming feeling of calm throughout the retreat, the soft grey pallet combined with splashes of colour result in a truly relaxing ambience

After changing in one of the retreats bedrooms which was beautifully decorated and had  wall to ceiling windows with views over the open countryside we decided to give the ‘Weights Class’ a go. We went down to the bright studio to meet the instructor who made us feel welcome instantly. The instructor tailored the class workout to each individual and made it a fun and enjoyable experience. Yes we sweated but we came out smiling!

Then it was time for elevenses. Now don’t go thinking that you’re going to get pastries and tea/coffee. Not at the Glass House Retreat, we joined the other guest in the dining room and were given a delicious and vibrant plate of fresh fruit and encouraged to try one of the wide selection of fruit and herbal teas.

After elevenes it was time to try out one of the Retreats high tech pieces of kit and have a Lipofirm treatment. All the rage with the celebs we were keen to find out what all the fuss was about and we weren’t disappointed. I went for a tummy treatment. Following the birth of my children both by c-section I have never been able to lose the squidgy bit around my scar so I asked the therapist to target this and my waist area. I could not believe my eyes when she remeasured me after the treatment and I’d lost a whopping 6cms! It won’t be for everybody as it isn’t the most comfortable treatment I’ve experienced but I will definitely be booking in some more 30 min sessions.  We then settled down on the sun beds by the indoor heated pool and had some chilled time before lunch.

Nutrition is at the heart of the retreat, they champion plant-based cuisine and a selection of vegan dishes were on offer.  The retreat champions detox, therefore the menu does not offer caffeine or alcohol. And surprisingly, as both my friend and I are fond of both, we did not miss it at all.  There is also a cookery school led by head chef Miguel Gouveia who is available to enable guests to learn the art of nutrition and make delicious meals to ensure that their wellness journey can continue back at home.

After lunch we experienced another one of the retreat’s high tech features; the cryotherapy chamber. This is designed to aid weight loss, combat signs of ageing and improve overall welless. Being a mum of two children, aged 41, slightly on the chubbier side of life, I was excited to try out this one! And it did not disappoint, yes it was very cold for 4 minutes but the feeling I had after was one of exhilaration, alertness and life.  After this chilly treatment we decided to warm up by visiting the retreat’s Himalayan Salt Block Sauna which only seemed to enhance the feeling of wellness; just wonderful.

Once warm, we were all relaxed and looking forward to our treatments. We both opted for a full body massage and facial. It was divine! We both came out and agreed that it was the best facial we had ever had.

The retreat has pulled together an exclusive and highly professional team of expert therapists, instructors and coaches to offer guests a unique programme of wellness, fitness and nutrition.  The staff really are the retreat, just as it should be. 

The combination of the simple, modern yet luxurious environment, the tailored treatments, exercise and detox meant we left feeling totally relaxed, full of life and very calm.

Day rates start from £85 per person. Retreat prices start from £463 per person based on double occupancy. Minimum two-night stay. If opting for double occupancy, the second guest receives a 40% discount.