All teenagers like to look cool in front of their friends, but 14-year-old Ciara Mclean, from Great Baddow, was left red-faced after she became lodged in child’s swing and had to be cut free by firefighters.

Ciara told the Essex Chronicle: “My mate asked if I would like to be pushed in the swing but then I couldn’t get out.

“I was kind of laughing, I found it kind of funny but I thought ‘what am I going to do now? How am I going to get out?’ So me and my mates said ‘shall we just call the fire service’?

“My mate’s dad got the chains off the swing but we couldn’t get the swing off me.

“It really hurt because I had to stay in that sitting position and keep my back straight. They had to get their tools under my legs to cut through it to get me out.”

While her mother Ruth Miller was able to see the funny side, she might not be quite so amused if the charity which paid for the swing decides to seek compensation.

Karen Plumridge, East Hanningfield’s Parish Council clerk, said that Hanna’s Field Charity may ask the family to replace the swing, estimating that the seat alone could cost around £100.

“We’re not talking pocket money here,” Mrs Plumridge said. “We’re talking quite serious money which the charity doesn’t have access to in order to replace equipment.”

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