Win a Haberman Suckle Feeder and Bottle Warmer worth over £35!

The award-winning Haberman’s Suckle Feeder has recently been declared a “superior” feeding product by lactation experts. It is the only infant feeder to truly emulate breastfeeding, delivering natural paced feeding, and encouraging prolonged breastfeeding in accordance with latest healthcare professionals’ directive “I regard it as the most significant advance in bottle feeding to have happened in the last 20 years,” says Amanda Peters NNEB and OCN MP/SC Qualified Maternity Practitioner, Sleep Consultant and Paediatric First Aid Tutor. “It is the closest bottle I’ve used to breastfeeding. It feeds slowly, is great for colic and reflux, it filters out all the bubbles and froth and stays full of milk – even when upright.”

Paced Feeding is a technique that gives baby control over the feeding session and allows her to eat at her own pace as she would if she were breastfeeding. Professionals agree that paced feeding is best practice and lactation consultants now recognise that most mothers will use a bottle, even if breastfeeding. Unfortunately, conventional baby bottles cause babies to guzzle, overfeed and give up at the breast. Achieving paced feeding with a conventional bottle increases the risk of air ingestion because it relies on the mother’s willingness and ability to disturb a baby’s ‘latch’. This makes conventional bottles incompatible with breastfeeding and establishes unhealthy feeding patterns.

So if you are hoping to try a paced feeding approach with your own little one, look no further. Now is your chance to enter this competition and win an award-winning Suckle Feeder designed for paced feeding! It filters out bubbles and froth, reduces air intake, colic and reflux and encourages longer suckling, slower feeding and reduces over-feeding. The Haberman LOVI bottle warmer will makes life easier for busy parents too through speedy warming of bottles and feeds. Once warmed the temperature is maintained and ready for you when you’re ready. An automatic heating control means bottles or food will heat to the correct temperature even if food has been frozen. The universal holder makes this bottle warmer suitable for warming most types of bottles, as well as jars of ready-made baby food.

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