Move over, John Frieda! A hair salon in Australia has launched a new workshop for dads who want to learn how to care for their daughters’ hair.

In a stroke of genius, the hairdressers at the KMA Colour Studio, in Cronulla, New South Wales, started running the running the hairdressing classes for dads after realising that fathers were often clueless when it came to washing and style their little girls’ hair.

Kate Adair, the owner of the salon, told the Daily Mail Australia: “More and more females are heading back to the workforce and you have a lot of hands-on dads who want to help out at home and get involved with doing their daughters’ hair.

Salon hosts hairdressing classes for dads

“A lot of dads struggle when it comes to styling hair and can sometime hurt the girls… so we wanted to run these two-hour classes to help them out.

“During the workshop we will cover how to shampoo the hair, how to condition, how to moisturise and how to prevent and treat head lice.”

The initial five sessions organised by the salon were quickly booked up. Further workshops will now run during the weekends costing 45 Australian dollars (£25) or 60 Australian dollars (£33) if the dad-daughter couples want to take home a new brush, hair accessories and a haircare product.

As well as being a great bonding opportunity for dads and daughters, the workshops could even turn out to be a money-saver for the town’s most desperate fathers.

Kate said: “I had one woman tell me that when she went away her husband paid for their daughter’s hair to be done every day because he couldn’t do it properly.”

“Another was washing his daughter’s hair with toothpaste,” she added.

We think dad-friendly styling classes are a fantastic idea. If anyone knows of any taking place in Essex, we’d love to hear about them – you can drop the details in the comments box below or contact us on twitter using the handle @EssexBaby_