Christmas Day is now over and all the presents have been opened, but were all those gifts lovingly bought, or were many of them simply re-gifted presents from last year?

Games and jigsaws manufacturer Orchard Toys surveyed more than 2,700 parents and grandparents on their Christmas gift buying habits for children.


The research found that 50 per cent of participants admitted that they would most likely re-gift any unwanted presents. Although re-gifting may seem a bit ungrateful to some, the survey suggests that many see it as a sensible and economical option.

Most popular gifts

So which present are most likely to win favour with parents this year? The research has shown that over 70 per cent of parents and grandparents would prefer their children to receive educational toys, indicating that gifts which promote learning as well as fun have a higher chance of making it into the ‘keep’ pile.

Another Christmas favourite are traditional toys, with 20 per cent of participants giving the thumbs-up to these gifts.

The reject pile

On the other end of the scale, the present most likely to be re-gifted is soft toys. Just 0.5 per cent of parents would be happy to find these cuddly gifts sitting under the Christmas tree.

So as your child plays with their ‘new’ Christmas toys, it’ll be hard not to wonder whether they really the first child to receive them!