Celebrate fright night by making your very own Halloween Tree. This craft gives you a great excuse to go out into the woods collecting essential craft supplies.

Halloween Tree

What You Need

Bandages or white toilet roll
Googly eyes
Selection of long sticks
Craft items for making ornaments (we used foam Halloween shapes from Hobbycraft’s assorted Halloween party platter)

How to make

1. Take your vase and wrap in the bandages or white toilet roll to create a mummified effect.

2. Stick on googly eyes.

halloween tree

3. Arrange the sticks in the vase as you would a flower arrangement. For a spookier effect, you could also paint the sticks black first.

halloween tree

4. Prepare your ornaments. These could be constructed from paper, card, pompoms or anything else you can think of.

5. Cut the ribbon into strips and attach one to each of the decorations for hanging.

halloween tree

6. Let the kids have loads of fun decorating their Halloween Tree – it’s great practise for Christmas!

halloween tree