WIN a Higher Nature bundle of health products worth £110!

Higher Nature are an online health and supplement specialist, who were established in the mid-90s, and were the innovators of the supplement market that is so popular today. With in-house qualified nutritionists, and a huge range of specialist beneficial products aimed to improve your health, wellness and overall fitness. Higher Nature have created a specialist bundle, exclusively for  this competition and it covers everything you’d need to start 2019 fresh, healthy and glowing. Whether it’s to start the day, feeling alert and pretty during it, or to relax and unwind at the end of it, the pack has every angle covered.

Our bundle covers so many vital supplements and minerals that your body needs to maintain optimal health inside and out. For this reason we’ve included all of our most in demand products.

With over 24 vitamins and minerals in each supplement, the Advanced Nutrition Complex makes it easy for you to get the nutrition you need.

If you struggle to pack enough greens into your diet, this Superphyte is a ‘salad in a capsule’ as it’s packed full of healthy antioxidants derived from fruit and vegetables. It’s ideal for those always on the go, or for those struggling to eat enough fruit and vegetables.

Also, just one of our Vitamin C tablets a day (for adults) can help increase your intake of vitamin C, an essential ascorbic acid which cannot be stored in the body and must be consumed regularly to help maintain a healthy immune system, promote collagen formation and aid the normal function of bones, blood vessels, gums and teeth.

We’ve made sure to include Nails and Hair Formula which nourishes your hair and nails from the inside out. These nail and hair supplements are ideal for supporting stronger feeling nails and healthy looking hair, with a potent blend of quality, natural ingredients.  Similarly, you’ll benefit from essential fatty acids found in omega oils without having to overtly pack fish into your diet.

Our Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules contain EPA and DHA omega 3 oils, to aid the normal function of the heart and immune system, brain and eye health.

And lastly, but defiantly not least, a relaxing and indulgent mineral bath from the ancient Dead Sea. Every day, your body is bombarded with toxins.  Giving it the chance to cleanse and purify is important for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

To enter the competition simply fill in your details below. Closing date midnight 31/01/19.

We will not pass on your details to any third parties or use your data for any purpose other than to arrange delivery of prizes to our winners.

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