Never mind teddy bears – hundreds of children have been making a journey deep into Hockley’s woodland in search of a magical Hobbit House.

The Hobbit House, located in Hockley’s Gusted Hall Woods in South Essex, has been placed on the edge of a public footpath to make it easily accessible to families.

Equipped with a miniature broom, tiny table and chairs, a neat front garden, and even a washing line, the mysterious abode is already proving to be a big hit with kids and parents alike.Gusted Hall Woods

Dozens of parents have already taken to social media this month to share photographs of their visit to the hidden spot and they are full of praise for the idea.

Imaginations have clearly been sparked by the magical dwelling, with many children choosing to leave pictures and letters around the site. The 1st Ashingdon Beavers have even left their scarf behind to be used as a table cloth.

The tiny fairy house was created by a small team of community-minded and anonymous individuals who wanted to bring a little magic into the lives of local children.

The official Hobbit House Facebook page posts regular updates about the latest goings-on at Gusted Hall Woods, including pictures from visitors and messages from Mr Hobbit himself.

With every visit, the Hobbit House is slowly becoming even more spectacular as people continue to leave behind small items as gifts for the fairy folk. Earlier this month, The Craft Club YarnBombers group left a knitted bluetit perched in a tree, and many other surprises are waiting to be discovered.

The Hobbit House can be found in a secret location in Hockley’s Gusted Hall Woods (postcode SS5 4JL). But its Facebook page also features a map that families can use if they wish.

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