A mother is suing a hospital after discovering that a nurse accidently dropped one of her premature twins whilst feeding him.

Baby Kieran, who was born at just 29 weeks, was being cared for in a special-care nursery at Belleville General Hospital in Canada when the incident occurred.

Mum Kelsey Bond told The Intelligencer: “I received a phone call at eight o’clock in the morning saying that the nurse had fallen asleep feeding him and woke up to him crying on the floor.

“[The department manager who made the phone call] said she was sorry … and that a paediatrician had looked at him and said he was fine.

“I was more or less in shock, so I didn’t really say anything. I just kinda hung up.”

“My husband (Kyle) was losing his mind.”

Kelsey was shocked to learn that hospital staff had not contacted her immediately after the accident.  “They didn’t call me for five hours,” she said. “You’re supposed to be notified right away.”

When Kelsey arrived at the hospital, she was given a document that explained how the nurse “was feeding baby on her lap, and she fell asleep.

“Next thing she noted baby on floor, baby possibly slid down from her lap but mechanism of fall is unclear; Keiran cried, no documented loss of consciousness.”

The report also states that when Keiran was examined by the paediatrician on call following the fall “no abnormalities were noted.”

However, Kelsey suspected that her baby had been injured. “I had a gut feeling that everything wasn’t OK,” she said.

“It did look like his head was a little bit swollen and red on the left-hand side.”

“We’ve already almost lost him once.”

When Kelsey asked for Keiran to be transferred to another hospital, it was revealed that he had a depressed fracture in his skull and an acute subdural hematoma – a collection of blood between the brain and skull.

Although Keiran has now been released from hospital, doctors have warned his parents that his head may take another six months to a year to heal, and there may still be a chance of long-term effect.

Corporation vice-president and chief nursing officer Carol Smith Romeril commented: “We are devastated and so sorry that this baby fell while in our care.

“This is a very experienced, highly-qualified, great nurse.

“The nurse reported this incident immediately … under the normal procedures.

“The staff are just excellent and provide really compassionate and professional care. Our staff are also human and so when things like this happen we are really sorry.

A full investigation is underway; however, Kelsey and Kyle have decided to sue the hospital for neglect.

“If [the nurse] was tired, she shouldn’t have gone to work,” said Kelsie.

“She’s risking children’s lives, and these aren’t just normal, full-term babies. They need special care.”

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