By Jennifer Dawson.

The average mum gets just 17 minutes to herself each day. As a result, most new Essex mums find that there’s very little time to squeeze in exercise. However, postpartum exercise is vital in order to keep your body and your mind fit and healthy. But the good news is that you can work out at home and transform your postpartum body without even needing to leave your front door.

Utilize workout DVDs

Celebrity fitness DVDs are created by professional trainers and feature a famous face. Their bodies, smiles, and words of encouragement should be all the motivation you need to work up a sweat in between feeds and nappy changes. By completing a celebrity workout DVD three times a week, such as the new one by Essex favourite, Ferne McCann, you’ll strengthen specific parts of your body, including your abdomen, legs, and arms.

How new mum’s can plan the perfect workout at home

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It’s particularly important to focus on your lower tummy muscles after birth as these support your pelvic floor which will be weak after your pregnancy. As these DVDs are broken down into bitesize sections, you should be able to squeeze in one or two mini workouts before your partner heads to work in the morning.

Create a mini home gym

Experts state that new mums should wait at least six months before they embark on high impact exercise, such as running and jumping, to give their pelvic floor time to repair. But you can still create a home gym which includes effective workout tools to benefit your body and mind. Your birthing ball can be used postpartum for squats, lunges, and crunches.

How new mum’s can plan the perfect workout at home

And by pulling in your pelvic floor at the same time, you’ll tighten up the area. Meanwhile, resistance bands are a great way to restore your muscles which will have weakened during pregnancy as a result of carrying a 7lb+ baby. Be sure to utilise your home gym when your baby naps, or pop him or her in their baby bouncer in the room with you.

Dance yourself fit

Dancing is a great way to get fit, have fun and regain your pre-baby figure. Furthermore, it will boost your endurance and fitness which you’ll rely heavily upon after a sleepless night with a colicky tot. One minute of dancing burns 5.5 calories. Therefore, it’s easy to drop the pounds and tone up by popping on your favourite tracks. Dance with your baby in your arms and you’ll burn even more calories, strengthen the bond between the two of you and boost your little one’s coordination and rhythm.

It’s essential that new mums fit exercise into their daily routine. By finding ways to workout at home, you’ll never have to leave your newborn and your body will benefit too.

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