By CJ’s Fitbumps

As a busy working single mumma with a ‘to do list’ as long as my arm it can sometimes feel like I give everything I have every day to everyone and everything except myself.

From the moment my eyes open its game on – hours of multitasking, working, teaching, cooking, cleaning, shopping; all the roles required to care solo for my son whilst working to look after my clients and class members. I’m constantly on the run and schedule my life like clockwork, literally to the minute!

I know I am not alone, life today is hectic and it was during a recent break with my son when he said ‘Mumma I don’t like all this rushing’ that I stopped and thought wow, I do not want him to feel this is normal life, especially when I encourage him to enjoy the moment!

Remember the most important person in your world is you, if you do not look after yourself then you are unable to be at your best and be the best for those around you. Want to get reconnected to you? Simply follow my Top Tips below:

CJ’s Top Tips

• Align your time and priorities – what is most important to you should take up most of your time. If this is not possible, allow time for this daily
• Avoid a jam-packed calendar – allow time for spontaneity and opportunity to come your way
• Do something each week for you that ensures you relax, this could be yoga, a nice walk, soak in the bath or just laying out in the sun
• When you feel stressed or anxious, pause and take deep slow steady breaths and feel the tension dissolve from your body
• Spend time each week with your nearest and dearest and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s not about what you do together, its about the feelings you have for each other

How to look after yourself

When I pressed pause and reflected on the moment I realised my body was tired and tight and I could not remember the last time I felt truly relaxed. This was when I fully comprehended how overwhelming my current lifestyle was. Where was the time for me to spend time doing what I love rather than doing what I think I need to do? Where was the quality time with my little guy? There was no time to be spontaneous and there was definitely no relaxation time.

I made the decision that this could not go on, I do not want to live a hectic lifestyle that can lead down the path of adrenal or chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance and exhaustion!

I truly urge all readers to have a look at their life and be honest, are you happy, is there balance and do find you feel fulfilled and satisfied in all areas of your life?

I have learnt the importance of giving yourself a break both mentally and physically and how this is true nourishment for you as a whole. It’s amazing how much clarity can be obtained by taking a few minutes to reflect, feel and listen and I now practice this daily.


Author CJ’s Fitbumps  CJ is a pre and postnatal holistic health coach, group exercise instructor, personal trainer, nutrition expert and author of The Winning Physique. She provides specialist pre and postnatal fitness classes and coaching at Riverside Ice and Leisure as well as offers one to one personalised health coaching programs lifestyle consultations and personal training. Find me at, email me via or call me 07557683770.