Written by Jennifer Dawson. Photo by Alexander Dummer.

Let’s face it, mums are powerful. One Essex mum took it upon herself to open an alcohol-free bar after experiencing life with her own daughter. Motherhood naturally prepares you to run your own business. Not only are you adept at handling ten million tasks at once with a crying child on your hip, but you’re used to running on little sleep and still accomplishing all on your to-do list like a champ. So, the only question that remains is how to monetise your skills as a mother.

Start a Mum Blog

This might be one of the most obvious and popular ways to earn money as a mum. However, it’s likely because, as a mum, you’ve got a lot of skills, experiences, and stories to write about that can help other parents. The great thing about starting a blog, however, is that you can focus on your specific skills while getting better results. This means that if you’re great at sewing clothes or specialise in whipping up tasty, healthy treats, you can focus solely on that and find a niche audience willing to subscribe to your content. Monetising a blog is easy to do with affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliation, and other link sharing schemes. If you’re unsure how to get started, you can gain inspiration from other Essex bloggers who’ve capitalised on their skills and are sharing their expertise and interest with others.

How to monitise your skills as a mother

Photo by Nicole Honeywill

Put Your Skills to Use

As mentioned, it’s likely that you’ve developed great multitasking and organisational skills. If you spend most of your day on social media, love to write and have at least the slightest knack for time management and organisation then you might want to try your hand as a virtual assistant or work in digital marketing. This type of entry-level or advanced remote work can include tasks such as inbox management, calendar management, and document formatting. However, if you choose to focus more on digital marketing, you’ll be able to understand the ins and outs of platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Understanding how to relate to clients is important, but as a mum dealing with small toddlers and their communication skills every day, speaking with real adults will feel like a welcome holiday.

Teach Other Children or Mums

If you’re looking to give back to other mums in Essex or beyond, teaching online or holding courses at a local community center is a great way to monetise your skills. Teaching children online is easy and allows you to work from home while tending to your child’s needs. However, choosing to earn money while helping other mums with specific things, like home organisation, money management or any other skill you might have, is also a great way to add to your savings and socialise in the process. Browsing through Essex Mums is a great place to connect with your local community and find others interested in your skillset.

Enjoy the Tasks at Hand

With the world being so digitally-based as it is today, it’s not hard to find remote working opportunities or learn how to monetise everyday social media tasks. Learning how to understand your specific skill set will help you identify what you have to offer and how you can monetise it in the easiest way possible while still enjoying the tasks at hand: being a stellar mum to your children.