So, I’m 8 months pregnant, preparing for the arrival of our first baby, when I receive a call from my mum….

I really think you need to get a Silver Cross Pram” said my mum

“Don’t be silly mum, what I am going to do with that, I have a pram and pushchair already, we don’t need another pram!”

Two weeks pass before I get another call from my mum….

“Hi there, I need you to collect something I won off Ebay, I think it is quite near where you live” said my mum

It turned out it was a Silver Cross Vintage Pram and it was in Surrey. Not that close but when you leave in Scotland, anything within four hours is a short trip. So, I head off to collect the pram, having no idea, where I am going to put it and what I am going to do with it. I collect the pram, and yes, it is beautiful and yes it is old but in immaculate condition and yes, it is very large!

When we returned home from the hospital with our gorgeous bundle of joy, it is not long before my mum has her swaddled up and sleeping sweetly in Silver Cross pram. The Silver Cross’s roomy carriage, along with its well-built suspension proved an instant hit to both our children when trying to get them to sleep.

As the days, weeks and months passed we gradually grew to love our Silver Cross Pram, there were so many benefits to our little ones over the new modern options:

  • Deep sided carrycot, offering protection from all the elements, yes our babies went outside in all weathers (including the snow!)
  • Amazing suspension, they don’t feel a thing when going over bumpy ground, up and down pavements, across the fields.
  • Height, the carrycot is above my waist, ensuring the babies are well off the ground and cannot be poked and prodded by young siblings or similar hazards
  • The little backrest allows your baby to sit up easily, with a perfect view of what is going on. Our babies were perfectly content sitting out in the garden for an hour or so whilst we did some gardening.
  • The additional toddler seat that can be added onto the carrycot is brilliant if you are like me and have a baby and a toddler. The toddler can walk most of the time but if they get tired then you can just pop them on the seat. My daughter usually does this as we approach a large hill!

We loved our pram so much, and the fact that we had two children very close together, meant we ended up getting a second Silver Cross Pram as they both used to have their naps in it during the day. How wrong was I??

I know not everyone has the space to have a Silver Cross pram but if you do, I cannot recommend them enough. I picked both of mine up for less than £70 on Ebay and they look brand new.

What is your ‘cannot live without’ product? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.