Daisy Baby is one of our favourite destinations for beautiful baby carriers, breastfeeding accessories and lots of wonderful attachment products for new parents.

Started by husband and wife team, Mike and Zoe, in early 2012, the business aims to deliver good quality and great value for money.

Daisy Baby are currently looking for Agents to represent their brand and sell their fantastic range of baby products through home based parties, but how easy is it to combine the role with being a busy mum?

We speak to two mums who have made the move to become Daisy Baby Chain Agents:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Tanya Sutton: I am a mum to Josh (5), Maria (3) and Bethany (6M). I live in St. Eval, Cornwall, which is a small little community. In my spare time I work for our fundraising committee, and I sew children’s clothing and other accessories from home.

Gem Howe: I’m a Mummy to Charlie (3), living in Bodmin, Cornwall. I’m also studying at University to be a counsellor.

What was it that first attracted you to the company?

Tanya: I love their slings, especially the mei tai’s and the prices are so reasonable. The lack of sales and targets pressure really attracted me to becoming an Agent.

Gem: The quality and range of their products are fantastic. I also love the fact that Daisy Baby are a small family run business that are local to my region of the UK.

What’s the best thing about working for yourself?

Gem: I love being my own boss, and setting my own hours to fit around my family life.

Tanya: The flexibility I have means I get to spend more time with my kids.

And the toughest?

Tanya: Motivating myself with the kids around!

Gem: It’s all good for me, working as an Agent really helps me to fulfil other things such as time with family and my study commitments.

Do you find it easy to keep a healthy work / life balance?

Gem: Very much so.

Tanya: Absolutely, again the flexibility I have plays a big part in this.

Which are your favourite Daisy Baby products?

Tanya: Palm and Ponds Mei Tai slings.

Gem: The Hopperz cows are great – a big hit with my little boy and a lot of my customers. I also love the Tippitoes Girl about Town bag, I actually use mine all the time even though I don’t need a changing bag anymore!

What would you say to other mums who might be considering becoming a Daisy Baby Chain Agent?

Tanya: Go for it! The flexibility you have is perfect for managing other commitments.

Gem: It’s great to be a part of, and totally works if you’ve got kids yourself. A word of advice if you do – watch your kit around your kids, they might want it all more than you!

To find out more about Daisy Baby Chain please visit: http://www.daisybabyshop.co.uk/contact/