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Having a baby really does turn your life upside down, doesn’t it? If you thought staying healthy was tough before, with a baby, it’s a million times harder. And we’re not talking about radical diet fads here, we’re just talking about looking after yourself, staying active, and eating a balanced diet.

But while it may be tough, it sure is possible. Follow our top tips to help keep yourself healthy post pregnancy.

Ease into some light exercise

It’s essential to start easing yourself back into light exercise as soon as you feel up to it. When we say light, we mean light, certainly at first. And stay well clear of any exercises that work out your abs like planks and crunches!

So what exercises can you do? You could try a bit of post-natal yoga at home, like this routine suggested by the NHS. Or how about taking the baby for a brisk walk with the pram? A really simple change you could make to ease back into exercise is to squat down to pick things up (bent knees, straight back) instead of bending over. That’ll have you feeling fighting fit in no time.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of nutrients

Eating healthy can soon work its way down to the bottom of your priority list. You have a baby to look after and as long as you’re eating something, that’s okay, right? Not really. Post pregnancy, you need more nutrients and energy than ever before.

For some foody inspiration, you could follow some healthy eating blogs, like these suggested by the Huffington Post. Or, if Instagram is more your thing, check out Deliveroo‘s top 10 health food Instagrammers. For most of us, at least, it’s much easier to get motivated to eat healthily when you’re looking at beautiful food snaps rather than staring at the veggie isle at the supermarket.

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Keep yourself hydrated

In order to heal after pregnancy, your body needs water. It helps to repair cells, tissue, and your entire body can’t function properly without it. It can be so easy to forget to have a drink when you’re looking after a newborn and barely sleeping, but it’s essential that you remember to take a sip every now and then.

To help you remember, you could download an app on your phone to remind you to drink every couple of hours. Or, you could get yourself a water bottle that has hourly markings on to make sure you’re drinking consistently. Whatever you do, just make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

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Take some time for yourself

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or your fourth, looking after a newborn can take its toll. With a little one to look after, taking time for yourself can seem selfish, but if you don’t, you’re more likely to experience serious problems with your mental health.

Taking time for yourself could be as simple as spending half an hour with a book while your baby’s napping, or even just 10 minutes of meditation when you get chance. Basically, whenever you get chance, make sure you do something just for you.