Houses get a little hectic come Christmas. There are decorations everywhere, extravagant meals being prepared, and family members visiting frequently. For a little one, all of this commotion is exciting and intriguing — but it can also be dangerous. Check out our guide to keeping kids safe this holiday season.

Here, Safetots, specialists in baby safety, share their tops tips for keeping kids safe at Christmas.

Childproof Christmas decorations

It’s better to choose an artificial over real Christmas tree, as needles are sharp. And remember: toppling trees can hurt little ones, make a mess, break baubles and demand redecoration. Make sure yours has a heavy base — look out for antique metal stands on eBay, and consider anchoring it to your wall or ceiling.

Baubles should be shatterproof, and hung with ribbon or string rather than metal hooks. With lights, go for LED so the bulbs don’t get as hot. When hanging stockings, avoid heavy mantle holders that kids can pull onto themselves.

Gift wrapping

If you leave your wrapping materials lying around, it’s not just the scissors that pose a threat to your child. Ribbons, gift tags and more can be a choking hazard. That means you shouldn’t leave presents under the tree, either — just let Santa bring them on Christmas Eve.

Fire safety at Christmas

It’s lovely to have the fire on in wintertime, but remember that they’re extremely dangerous for children. Make sure you have a fireguard and supervise little ones in the same room as a fire at all times.

If you opt for switching on the radiators instead, you should again make sure there are protective covers securely in place.

Avoid having lit candles around your home, especially if inquisitive babies are around. Consider trying electric candles and air fresheners to achieve the same warm glow and welcoming aroma.

Kitchen safety

On December 25th, the kitchen is usually quite frantic. You should keep little ones well out of the way, but do some childproofing just in case.

That means being extra cautious about leaving pan handles hanging over the edge, keeping knives out of reach, and watching boiling water. To prevent kids from getting their hands on cleaning products or ingredients, use childproof latches — Safetots has a great range.

Also be vigilant of any unattended alcoholic drinks. Ask your guests to be careful about where they place their possessions, too.