The average age for a first-time mum in Britain is now 30 and, despite their many critics, older mums seem to be doing a pretty great job.

While some healthcare professionals are concerned about increasing challenges to maternity services, a recent article that appeared in the Economist suggests that the nation’s children are becoming healthier and more responsible.

According to the article, since 2007 the number of children aged between 10 and 17 who were convicted or given a police caution for a first offense has fallen from 111,000 to 28,000.

Among teenagers, instances of sexually transmitted diseases have fallen over recent years, as have teenage pregnancy rates.

Much of this change could be down to a rise in parental attention. Far from being neglectful, today’s working mothers spend almost as much time with their children as stay-at-home mums did a generation ago.

Although it’s difficult to say how much of a role delayed parenthood has played in these improvements, it’s uplifting to know that 21st century parents seem to be doing something right – even if the media often tells us otherwise.

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