Looking for a horribly awesome Halloween outfit? We’ve been trying out the fantastic Kids Morphsuits, the Spandex costumes that cover your entire body!

You’ve probably seen them around – those skin-tight suits that take dressing up to a whole new level. Although people can’t see into the material, Morphsuits are made so that wearers can see out of them, breathe through them and even drink easily through the material!

With October 31st just around the corner, a lot of kids are hunting for an outfit that’ll make them stand out from the trick-or-treating crowd. In short, they want a costume that’s going to terrify their friends and neighbours.

The current range of kid-sized Morphsuits certainly fit the bill. From zombies and skeletons to horrific beasts and ferocious animals, there are plenty of gory costumes to suit every little monster. And all without a drop of sticky, smeary face paint!

kids morphsuits

My youngest daughter recently tried out the Mummy Kids Morphsuit. The outfit is made of a strong mix of 93% Polyester and 13% Spandex, making it pretty simple to take on and off. The only part my kiddo needed help with was the feet. She had a bit of trouble pulling the material over her heels, so I had to help her wiggle them in. She is quite large in the feet department though, so this is a normal issue for us!

The rest of the Morphsuit went on easily. The back fastens with a zip, while the hood does up at the back with Velcro for quick removal.

Although I wasn’t sure whether my daughter would like the material covering her face, we had no complaints at all. In fact, I practically had to bribe her into taking the suit off at the end of the day.

Like a lot of fancy dress costumes, you can’t throw a Morphsuit in with the rest of the washing. These bad boys need to be sponged clean and then hung up to dry. Thankfully, there’s absolutely ironing required.

The Mummy Kids Morphsuit is priced at £18.99 and is available in three sizes.

You can find the full range of kids Morphsuits here.