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KidZania London: the mini-city run by kids

Image a world where your children are in charge. They fly the planes, look after your money, run the National Grid and perform major surgery in a child-sized A&E.

It may sound like the stuff of dreams (or nightmares), but at KidZania, one of fastest growing educational brands, children can role-play real life jobs and test out their life skills.

Already an international success, the newest branch of KidZania is due to arrive in London’s Westfield shopping centre in early 2015. With 60 activities to take part in, almost every young visitor is bound to find a role-play opportunity that makes their eyes light up.

On entry children will receive ‘kidZos’, the on-site currency which is placed in a KidZania bank account and can be used to purchase goods and services. But once they are all spent, kids will need to seek employment to earn more.

While four- to fourteen-year-olds children get to work, parents are banished to the viewing areas or sent to the parents lounge to relax. Sound like bliss? It could be, as long as you don’t start to wonder about the wisdom of introducing a four-year-old into a cooperate system.

But, love or hate the idea, KidZania is almost certainly going to make the UK by storm with more venues being planned for the near future.

Will you be taking your little ones to KidZania London for a taste of the grown up world? Or will you stick to role-playing at home?

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