Essex Baby Review

As we all know it is a chilly time of year and finding a stylish, cosy outfit for kids is quite challenging! Our Essex Baby Reviewer is going to take a look at the Kozi Kidz’ Nalle Softpile Fleece All in One to see if this could be a good choice for us mums.


The Kozi Kidz’ Nalle Softpile Fleece All in One is a cosy “teddy bear” fleece for young children from the age of 0 months upwards. The all in one has a zip garage, it is hooded and has built-in hand covers for those extra chilly days! It is available in several different colours.

Reviewer’s Opinion

I have two children under the age of four and I am always struggling to find good practical outfits for them. I have fallen in love with the Kozi Kidz’ Nalle Fleece All in One, it is so soft to touch. I use them as a mid layer at the moment as they are big enough to fit well over the top of a layer of clothes, and yet they still appear to be comfortable in them. The built-in hand covers are a brilliant addition especially when both of my children are in the pram or not doing anything particularly active. They come in several different lovely colours and are easy to put on and take off as the zip comes down quite far.

Essex Baby Rating

We have given the Kozi Kidz’ Nalle Fleece All in One a big fat 5 out of 5 as we think it a fabulous product. It is stylish, practical and durable therefore being very good value for money. We will be recommending this product to our Essex Baby mums.

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