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All in all a fantastic product at a really reasonable price. I certainly have my eye on the scribble and write tool from leapfrog next so we can take this out on journeys with us.

Product Description and Price

A pen which can be used safely in conjunction with an Iphone, Ipad or Ipod turning your devices into learn to write tools aimed for 3-6 year olds. £14.99

Why do you want to recommend this product?

This product is a great invention from Leapfrog, most children (or at least my 3.5 year old) is insistent on playing on our ipad. I don’t mind this however I struggle to find decent apps that allow him to learn whilst playing, this app and stylus do just that. You can download the app for free and the stylus helps the app come to life. You use the stylus to physically write on the screen without it damaging your device and is extremely responsive meaning your children are able to see what they are writing with no delay, something I have struggled with using other apps.

The app focuses on upper and lowercase letters, numbers 1-20 and simple shapes & strokes but in a way that becomes more of a game. Each time they draw the letter shown successfully 3 times it unlocks another part of the game and in makes streamers fly across the screen, animals jump out or trucks drive across making it really interactive. It gives great verbal feedback and offers praise and encouragement to your children whilst they are writing.

From a parental perspective it allows me track how he is writing so I can go back and see how he has done and see his improvements. We also use the app to learn our phonics, each time he draws the letters I ask him to tell me the letter and the sound.

My only negative comment would be that I think a child aged 6 would find it a little tedious having to play the game to unlock the next letter, it would be really useful if you could enter a page where you could choose just to practice writing/strokes.

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I would give this product 4 out of 5 – Mr Pencil is a great learning tool designed as a toy and extremely good value for money, I would only have preferred to be able to remove the game situation and focus purely on writing so this would last children a little longer.

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