So, you are all excited about the impending arrival of your baby: the furniture is bought, the soft furnishings look delightful and you’re ready to welcome home your little bundle of joy.

However, there is one element that we often forget about when decorating and preparing the nursery: the lighting. We spend hours and hours pouring over pregnancy and baby related magazines ensuring we have bought everything we need to make the nursery perfect: the cot, the matching curtains and bedding, soft toys and so on. But very little thought goes into lighting the room and what may be best for your baby.

If you are currently decorating a nursery or a redecorating a child’s bedroom, think about the following when deciding on lighting for your little one’s room:

Ceiling Lighting

A good quality, central light is essential for a child’s bedroom. As a mum, you will need good lighting to help you clean and dress your little one and as they get older a good source of light will be better for their eyes when they want to do crafts, read and play games.

Wall Lighting

Wall lighting is probably the least appropriate for a child’s bedroom. As your little one grows and becomes more inquisitive, they won’t be able to resist the temptation to clamber up and ‘play’ with the wall lights.

Night Lights

Night lights are really useful from birth right through to children at primary school, as they can provide great comfort for those who might be scared of the dark. They can also help your child to avoid banging into things during the night if they decide they need a drink of water or the toilet.

Mood Lighting and Dimmers

Mood lighting and dimmers can also be an important consideration. Two things to think about here include: (1) if your child will not sleep with the lights off at night, but having the lights on fully is too bright, and a night light is not enough… the ability to keep the lights on but dim them slightly could be crucial; (2) there will also be times when you have to change your baby’s nappy in the middle of the night and you need light to do so, but not so much that you wake him/her up. If you buy a light that enables you to turn the light on, but without waking your baby too much, you’ll be thanking the good sense you had every time you’re grappling with wet wipes, nappies, poo or vomit at 2am!

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Have you experimented with lighting in your child’s bedroom? What have you found worked best for you? Please share your thoughts/recommendations below.