Essex Baby Review

A day trip can sometimes end up being a challenge with children, we have been asked to look at a product that could make life a little easier. Let’s see what our Essex Baby reviewer thinks of the Littlelife Penguin Kids Play Pack.


The Littlelife Penguin Kids Play Pack is a daysack and a mobile play centre for children. The pack has multiple pockets for pens, pads and accessories. It features a hard front pocket that folds down into a handy tray. The pack attaches to most car headrests and also includes a baby penguin pencil case.

Essex Baby Review

My 5 year old really enjoys arts and crafts so when she set eyes on the Littlelife Penguin Kids Play Pack she was very excited! There are so many pockets, she was able to pack in all her crayons and pens with pockets to spare. There is plenty room for pads and paper and as it is a fairly robust bag it keeps the paper from creasing. It has a hard front pocket which has proven very handy when we have been on day trips as she can draw just about anywhere. The pack did fit quite well over the car headrest but as my daughter often falls asleep in the car she hasn’t really done a lot of drawing while travelling. The little penguin pencil case was a nice extra surprise for her too. I was a little concerned it may be too heavy for her when it was full as it carries quite a lot, but I think the broad shoulder straps and good design meant I had nothing to worry about.

Essex Baby Rating

We think this a great product, it has a fun design, very practical and robust. We rate it a 4.5 out of 5, this product drops slightly in our rating as we just feel it could be priced a little lower. We will be recommending this to our Essex Baby mums.

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