There’s a lot more to Paultons Park than Peppa Pig World. Our travel reviewer Laura Mason gives us the lowdown on Hampshire theme park’s new Lost Kingdom area  – and it sounds like roaring good fun!

Paultons Park is better known as being home to Peppa Pig World.  Due to the overwhelming success of the cartoon pig family, the area within the park has been a great success and we ourselves visited a couple of years ago, which the kids adored.

Fast forward two years and we found ourselves at Paultons again, this time to experience the new Lost Kingdom area, a new £9million development.  You see Paultons Park, located on the edge of the New Forest, is a fab theme park, particularly for little ones, and while it’s famed for Peppa Pig World, this makes up about a third of the park so there’s plenty more for families to enjoy.

lost kingdom

Dinosaur adventures

The Lost Kingdom is a new zone within the park, which launched in May.  Upon arrival we made a beeline for this area as my dinosaur-loving son was desperate to see what was on offer.  I had expected to see a couple of new rides but was astounded to find out that there were no fewer than eight new rides and attractions added.

My four-year old daughter is a theme park junkie and combined with a height of over one metre, meant that she was tall enough to experience the two coasters – Flight of the Pterosaur and Velociraptor.  The Pterosaur rollercoaster is a fantastic ride for children – not one for the faint-hearted, but for those after thrills that some of the younger rides cannot provide.  Hitting a speed of 55km an hour, it has some impressive twists and turns (no upside down elements) and races you across the exciting prehistoric scenery.

lost kingdom

A big thumbs up also goes to the Velociraptor – a reversible rollercoaster that drops you from a great height of 20m in the air taking in some sharp bends and curves at 40mph before returning in reverse, a great surprise element which will had myself as well as Grace screaming in delight!

Little ones in the Lost Kingdom

For children under the one metre threshold there’s plenty of family friendly rides – the Boulder Dash was a big hit with my children, along with the Dinosaur Tour Company – imagine a Jurassic expedition in your very own 4×4.

To get interactive we stopped by for one of the Dinosaur Encounters where we got to meet a very life-like animatronic T-Rex and capture some funny photographic memories from the day!

lost kingdom

For those unfamiliar with the park, there is also a range of adult coasters, a 4D cinema, a wonderfully huge splash pad – perfect for kids wanting to run around in the summer – and more picnic areas that you can throw a sandwich at!

The Verdict

We had a wonderful day at Paultons and the Lost Kingdom – for our adventurous family it ticked all the boxes with plenty of new rides and attractions, and also some magic and fascination thanks to the thought in not just bringing some new rides, but a new land of prehistoric animals interactively bought back to life.

For further information on Paultons Park, including a calendar of opening times and to book tickets online from £25.75 visit