I wasn’t sure what to expect from this game, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised. I had a feeling that I would struggle to my maths-phobic children engaged. However, despite some initial groans when they saw the sums written on the cards, they quickly got into the spirit of the Magic Cauldron.

My little testers, aged 5 and 7, tend to be competitive over board games. There is often crying involved, but the Magic Cauldron seemed to inspire a healthy dose of team work. Although the aim of the game is fill your cauldron with 10 creepy ingredients, my children wanted to help each other answer the sums – something I never thought I’d see!

The heat sensitive ‘ghost’ patches on the cards that reveal the answers are a clever touch. They are a bit tough on little fingers at first, but they now rub off more easily after several uses. Just be careful not to damage the patches with sharp fingernails.

Magic Cauldron is ideal kids who are learning the concepts of addition, subtraction, and simple multiplications (i.e. 7 x 2). I love that there are not only basic sums like 2+2, but also some problems such as 2+1+4, which they were so proud to figure out.

Rather than just being a ‘boring’ educational game, Magic Cauldron has now become our new favourite of the month. And coming from my children, that’s definitely a seal of approval.