The living room is a great place for family time – comfy sofa, feet up, cup of tea and our favourite soaps! Even though your little ones may not appreciate the gripping Corrie storyline, they’ll still enjoy the living room by finding other ways to entertain themselves – some of which may not be the safest of activities. Sian Peak, our safety blogger, shares her top tips on how to keep your living room safe for little adventurers.

You may not think there are too many dangers in a room predominantly made of soft furnishings, however we’ve put together a few tips on protecting mini explorers from everyday items that could cause them a drama of their own!


If you’ve ever bumped your knee on a table corner you’ll know just how much it hurts! Protect small children with corner cushion guards which can easily be placed on the edges of sharp furniture.Little explorers love to root about the sofa cushions. Check your cushions regularly for loose change or other small choking hazards which can get pushed under furniture without knowing, but will still be in reach of small hands. Regularly check underneath the sofa and down the sides of cushions to prevent small items from being found.

Amateur mountaineers love to climb! A child can topple a bookcase simply by reaching for a book or climbing onto a shelf. Secure it with a furniture strap to stop it from being tipped.
To keep little ones safely seated, a Cushi Tush Baby Seat is ideal! Not only good improving their posture, it’s also comfy and ultra-stable, unlike a soft sofa which they could easily roll off.

Telly addicts

TV screens can be extremely fragile, even more so when they’re attacked by crayons, flying toys or curious fingers! A TV Screen protector will not only protect your expensive screen from damage, but creates a barrier in case the glass is smashed.

There have been numerous cases of children being crushed by heavy furniture after pulling or climbing onto them. A TV Safety Kit will secure your heavy TV set, preventing it from being pulled or tipped onto a small child.

Small spaces such as your video or DVD player will tempt small hands to fiddle. Use a video lock to prevent little hands (or random objects) from being placed inside, where sharp fittings could cause cuts. Not to mention ruining your chances of watching your Sopranos boxset!

Electrical wires and outlets

Hide electrical wires behind furniture or secure them to the wall. Never run them under the carpet where they could pose a tripping hazard or be pulled up. Cover up any exposed outlets with socket covers to prevent little fingers from gaining access.

A room with a view

Strangulation can occur with a tiny piece of cord or string. If you have window blinds or curtain ties, use a blind cord winder or tie back to secure them high up out of reach.

If you’re leaving the windows ajar to let the air in, invest in a set of window restrictors to prevent children from hanging out of the window where they may fall.

Using a few simple safety solutions will mean you can easily childproof your living room, leaving you to get on with catching up on the latest from Albert Square without worrying what your little explorers are up to!

Written by Sian Peak, from