Lots of parents have imagined designing their ideal nursery furniture, but how many would choose a ‘Jaws’-themed crib?

Joseph Reginella, from Staten Island, has a toy line called Toxic Teddies and works for a sculpture studio called Themendous. As well as making sets and sculptures for theatre groups, retail displays, and musicians such as Lady Gaga, Reginella also helps to build imaginative children’s furniture.

After creating an airplane bed for a client, the sculptor decided it would be funny if someone ordered a more alarming piece of furniture, rather than the usual mainstream designs.

While working on an idea drawn up by a friend following a bar conversation about ‘Jaws,’ Reginella found out that his best friend and fellow “Jaws”-enthusiast, Mark Melaccio, was expecting a baby.

The result was a terrifying and inventive shark attack bed that took about two weeks to build.

What do you think of the bed? Would you choose this or a similar design for your baby? Please share your thoughts by commenting in the box below.

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