If you live in the UK, you know that Christmas really is on the way when you see these three things: panto posters, decorations on sale, and the annual John Lewis advert.

Like its predecessors, the 2015 John Lewis Christmas ad is one of the most anticipated commercials of the year.

Filmed primarily in the Warner Brothers studios in Hertfordshire, this year’s ad is set in outer space and tells a tale of giving rather than receiving.


Known as the ‘Man on the Moon,’ the advert features a little girl called Lily who spends many hours gazing through her telescope. When she spots a scruffy old man living alone in a shed on the moon, she tries (unsuccessfully) to communicate with him.

Then on Christmas day, as the old man sits sadly on a moon bench, a parcel attached to a bunch of helium balloons lands beside him. The girl has sent him a gift – a telescope – so that he can see her back on Earth.

All this is set to the song Half the World Away, by Oasis, the same song that has famously used as the theme for the sitcom The Royle Family. This cover version is sung by 19-year-old Norwegian, Aurora, who gives a definitive John Lewis-style performance.

Ad of the Year?

Last year, the company released an advert featuring a small who longed for a mate for his CGI penguin called Monty. In the 2013 ad we were introduced to a bear, a hare and an alarm clock made in China.

While John Lewis have traditionally produced the nation’s favourite Christmas advert, in 2014 they were challenged by Sainsbury’s homage to the soldiers of World War I.

Will this year’s offering from the big brand become a modern classic, or will a rival swoop in to gain the crown of most memorable ad of the season? Only time will tell…