Now here’s a dilemma that I’m sure is going to resonate with you mamas to be – whether or not to buy a winter maternity coat. As I started writing this blog, I thought how this never impacted me as I had the heat of summer to contend with, as opposed to the coldness of winter.  

However, now I’m thinking about it, it did affect me, but only slightly as I gave birth at the beginning of November and so I was an ‘unbuttoner’.  I wore my Canada Goose parka that I’ve had for years, unbuttoned, and just layered up underneath.

maternity coatCanada Goose at Selfridges

I’ve tried to find a photo of me in the coat whilst pregnant, but I guess I just didn’t take any pictures of me looking like a whale towards the end, so here’s one to prove how versatile a good coat is.  This is last Christmas and the coat is still going strong, as is the hubby who needs to be carrying our little chunky monkey around on his back.

maternity coats

I am massively into investing in key items that you will get years of wear out of and coats are at the top of my list.  I’d always advise spending at least £200 for a good winter coat BUT when it comes to being pregnant, you’re looking to spend the least you can for the pure fact you’re only going to be wearing it for a few months.

So, here’s my advice to you:

  • Think about how far along in your pregnancy you are as to whether the purchase of a maternity winter coat is worth the spend. Let’s face it, the Winter is going to be around for the best part of the next 5 months now, so if you’re early on in your pregnancy, get yourself to the shops and get buying
  • If you’re about to pop or only a couple of months away then just go with what you have or even better, treat yourself to a non maternity coat for once baby arrives and you’re out and about showing them off. Be bold as this will distract people from whatever horror of an outfit you have on underneath because it was the last thing on your mind (unless you read my previous blog about post maternity clothing)
  • Unless money is no object, don’t look to spend more than £100. You want something that’s going to keep you warm, but you also want that cute cot bed set that baby will just love and your friends will ooooo and aaaaaah over, so spend wisely my Mama.
  • Spend some time thinking about what style is going to give you the most wear too and work with your lifestyle. Like buying jeans, investing in a winter coat takes time, so be prepared to spend a good few hours trying on or scouring the net for the perfect one.  I recently did a blog for my website on winter coats, so you may find some information here useful on how to dress up and down a smart coat (Baby It’s Cold Outside)

Fabulous Maternity Coats

There are some great maternity coats out there at the moment and here is a selection of my favourites…  I wouldn’t look to be spending more than £100 on a maternity coat.

maternity coats

ASOS Maternity Cocoon Coat

maternity coats

   Jojo Maman Bebe Teal Swing Coat

maternity coats

Love2Wait at Zalando 

maternity coats3in1 at Mamalicious


I’ve done a bit of research and it seems you mamas would rather unbutton and buy non-maternity, so you can wear again.  Here’s what my Mamas had to say:

“Zara! I loved the fact that it didn’t look like a sack! It still gave me a good shape despite being pregnant with twins!!”

“I just wore my usual winter coat for work and when I couldn’t do it up I just had it undone with a warm snuggly scarf. I did buy a long cardigan from H & M maternity which was really warm so used that as my outerwear in early spring. Loved it and still wear it now as it doesn’t look maternity”

“Matalan! It wasn’t maternity, I just bought a bigger size. It wasn’t expensive as begrudged paying lots for something I wouldn’t wear for that long. It was reasonably priced, long, really warm and snug. It had a drawstring waist, which was perfect as I could adjust as my tummy grew!!”

“I’ve bought one from Zara which a basic oversized car coat, not maternity. Haven’t been able to wear yet, annoyingly!”

The Unbutton Options

maternity coatsZara pink check coat

maternity coats Green Boucle Coat Boden

maternity coats TopShop faux fur

maternity coats M&S Faux Sheepskin


So mamas, the question is “To buy or unbutton?” Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


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