Essex Baby Review

What a great idea! A great way to ensure you have interesting family meals without having to spend hours and hours looking for recipes and at the supermarket.

Product Description and Price

Weekly family meal planner service with weekly menu planner, recipe cards, and shopping lists to help busy parents with family meal ideas. £6.95/month, £40/6 months or £60/year

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Easy to follow recipes that are quick and simple to prepare. Being able to click to transfer the weeks shopping list to my online shopping order is fantastic and saves lots of time. It has revolutionised our eating habits, we are all now eating the same meals and having a healthy balanced diet, something we have struggled with since have two young children! Finally, it is saving us a fortune on our weekly shopping bill.

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I would give this product five out of five. It is easy to use, saves us valuable time and money and has also improved our eating habits.

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