Baby bottles and cups stained with milky residues are a thing of the past for parents, thanks to the iconic Milk Buster from leading family cleaning brand, Nimble. The patented formula cleverly uses plant-based ingredients to break down milk proteins and fats from plastic, leaving them smelling fresh and sparkly clean!

Milk Buster’s innovative formulation harnesses the power of plants

A unique combination of naturally derived ingredients, including coconut, Milk Buster also has odour fighting technology to rid of the common and unpleasant ‘old milk’ smell.

No more scrubbing at stubborn milk stains, Milk Buster is so quick to use, with its special spray bottle design developed to make cleaning those nooks and crannies easier and safer than ever. Parents simply need to add a little lukewarm water to the bottle, add just two sprays of Milk Buster, give it a shake and rinse with clean water. Bye-bye milky bottles!

Designed to be used on baby bottles, sippy cups, and even breast pump parts, parents can even use it on protein shakers and (a parenting must-have) coffee machines, so no excuse for cloudy plastic from milk fats and proteins anymore!

Speaking about the inspiration behind Milk Buster, Nimble founder Von Sy says: “When my niece was born, my sister would often moan to me that regular cleaning products were not getting her bottles clean and she was concerned washing up liquid had a strong smell. It was a lightbulb moment for me.”

He continued: “Using my knowledge of the detergents industry, I knew there was a natural solution to this problem, and after much research and development, Milk Buster was born! It’s great to know we are helping parents everywhere with the very safest, most effective solution, to a common and stubborn problem!”

Milk Buster – £4.99 for 200ml | Refill option available – £4.99 for 400ml. Stockist:, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Amazon and Ocado.