When Gerri Wolfe discovered that complications would make it difficult for her to birth her twins naturally, she decided that she would instead help to deliver her babies by c-section.

Incredible images by Simone Harvey Photography capture the unusual moment that Gerri reaches down and lifts her 10th and 11th children from her womb.

“My other caesareans were very sterile, very surgical, very impersonal,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“People were talking about what they did on the weekend without even thinking about me laying on the table, going through this momentous experience of having a baby.”

Gerri then recalled reading about maternally assisted caesareans online.

When she approached her obstetrician-gynaecologist her wishes where initially refused, but Gerri was willing to fight for the birth she had begun to imagine.

“It’s my body, it’s my birth, it’s my baby,” she said.

“[The doctor] was quite willing once he realised the risk of infection wasn’t as high as he perhaps first thought.

“I came to him and said: ‘This is what I need to reclaim my birth – to make it more personal for me, so I can be a good mother.’

“It was more about making it that much more personal, and for me to have a connection to the birth of my children”

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