A quick-thinking mum pulled her toddler from an electric toy car just moments before it burst into flames.

The two-year-old was riding in the electric car at the family’s Buckinghamshire home when the mum noticed smoking rising from it.

The mother managed to pull the tot out of the electric vehicle just before it caught fire. The blaze was severe enough to spread to a five metre section of hedgerow.

Crews from Thame Fire Station were called to the scene, where they used a high pressure hose jet to extinguish the flames.

electric toy car

Incident Commander Watch Manger, Andy Ford, said the mum’s quick action ‘definitely’ saved the toddler from serious injury.

“The toddler was driving the ride on electric car when his mother noticed smoke coming from the front of it. She quickly ran up the garden and pulled her 2 year old son from the car just before it was engulfed in flames.

“Her prompt action definitely saved him from serious injury.

“This incident has been reported to Buckinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards service.”


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