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The Munchkin Designer Change Mat is a stylish baby changing kit, while the Munchkin LATCH bottle is a new innovative bottle to help combat some of the common problems faced when bottle feeding your baby. Let’s find out what our Essex Baby reviewer thought.


This compact baby changing kit is suitable for either home use or when travelling. The inner pocket is mesh and expandable, so there is plenty room for several back up clean nappies! With a cushioned pillow this changing mat is made for comfort.

The LATCH bottle nipple is designed to stretch like a mother’s breast, which in turn helps baby to latch correctly. There is an anti-colic valve in the base of the bottle which prevents air bubbles in turn reducing the amount of gas. The nipple moves with baby to provide a continuous latch to help reduce colic.

Reviewer’s Opinion

Munchkin Designer Change Mat

The changing set has been a great investment for me. It is a very user friendly product as it is easy to wipe clean, convenient to carry, and has plenty of pockets. My baby seems to find the padded head rest very comfortable. I have been out for the day and managed to squeeze small nappies into the inner pocket which was plenty to feel prepared. With numerous pockets around the case I can fit in plenty of wipes in the provided wipe case, plus my phone, keys and purse! The kit comes with a carry strap so I am able to strap onto my buggy easily.

Overall, this is a very stylish, comfy, well designed and easy to use changing kit.

Munchkin LATCH bottles

I was unsure what to make of the LATCH bottles as I thought they may be a bit of a mother pleaser. On using them though I have been pleasantly surprised. I have had difficulty with the transition from breast to bottle and my baby has been extremely difficult to please, but the LATCH bottles proved to be a good investment. The flow of milk is quite free in comparison to breast feeding which takes a bit of getting used to but my baby latched on and took to the nipple design straight away. The problem with the LATCH bottle is it is a little fiddly to clean as there are several elements to it, and I feel it could be priced a little more reasonable.

All in all if you are having trouble with your baby taking to bottle feeding and you don’t mind spending a bit extra, I would recommend giving the Munchkin LATCH bottle a go.

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