Essex Baby Review

Being in labour does not have to be a chaotic and daunting experience. Learn to take control of your pregnancy by reading Emma Holbrook’s review of a Natal Hypnotherapy programme and breathe your way through labour.

Product Description and Price

The tailored series of hypnosis for birth workshops and self hypnosis titles, which are available as CDs or MP3 downloads, are here to support you through your journey to motherhood. The 4 CD Natal Hypnotherapy Programme is the UK’s leading home study hypnosis for birth programme. The four step programme has been designed to help you get the maximum benefit, practice and experience of using these powerful techniques to help you have a happy, healthy and comfortable pregnancy and birth experience. It is a four step programme which gradually builds your skills, abilities and confidence in your body’s amazing ability to grow and then give birth to your baby. 4 CD Programme – £40

In response to the success of the award winning Natal Hypnotherapy™CDs and courses, founder Maggie Howell has published a complete guide to birth preparation. This informative, down to earth and inspiring guide takes the reader step by step through mental, emotional and physical preparation for birth. It teaches women how to practice Natal Hypnotherapy, often referred to as Hypnobirthing, for themselves. Effective Birth Preparation Book – £8.99

Why do you want to recommend this product?

Hypno-birthing is something I have always found interesting but assumed it wasn’t for me.  I come from a relatively stereotypical working class background, my husband and I have worked hard for what we have but after a traumatic birth with my first child 4 years ago which resulted in a c-section I was determined to work hard to achieve a natural birth with my second.  When I fell pregnant I kept looking into hypno-birthing and always decided not to try it, but as I was nearing the last trimester of my pregnancy and a VBAC was looking much more achievable I decided to take the plunge.  I went for the 4 CD package and book to help me prepare.

The pregnancy relaxation CD and birth preparation book are great, especially for those hard days when you’re being pulled from work to motherhood to house wife to well, everything we ladies are expected to do!  It really does help pull you from work and focus on winding down, I felt it really helped me to get a good night’s sleep by listening to the CD and reading through the book. The birth preparation CD is a 36 minute CD you are expected to listen to a few times a week moving to daily leading up to your due date.

The first few times I listed I just could not switch off, my mind wandered and I either fell asleep or started thinking about jobs to do so I really had to concentrate but after a few days this became much easier.  It helps to focus on your breathing and I also feel this was essential in actually getting some me time.  I am a typical mum, taking on too much and never finding time for myself but every day I HAD to find 35 minutes of time with no interruptions and I stuck to this religiously from 36 weeks pregnant.  The first time I noticed it was helping was my first sweep, as the pain started to intensify I began breathing and practicing my techniques and it became bearable, the midwife was quite shocked how well I’d managed as I had never had a sweep before.  I can’t be sure but I also progressed quite quickly leading up to the sweep, I went from no engagement/dilation and after 2 weeks of hypnobirthing my cervix was thin, beginning to dilate and everything was heading in the right direction.

  I truly believe the relaxation techniques I practiced daily gave my cervix the time it needed to start moving through the motions, I only have one past pregnancy to compare it to and in terms of engagement and dilation in the early stages I definitely progressed quicker. I also noticed that I began not focusing on the delivery and being so focused on a VBAC but just thinking about the birth and being calm knowing that no matter how it worked out I would be able to deal with what was to come! So the day my contractions began I was able to breathe through them a lot more than I expected, I ended up being in early labour and stuck at 3cm for over 4 days but continued my daily routine, walking to school and seeing the positive in it rather than negative.  Whilst my labour ended in a Caesarean I was calm and able to make the decisions I wanted rather than being so distressed. The Birth relaxation CD is a compilation of music to play whilst in labour, I felt it helped as rather than the room be deadly quiet and my partner annoy me with his breathing(!) I was able to focus on the music and also just meant everything was a little calmer.  I do also believe this helped the midwife realise that I had a focus and I was not to be disturbed unnecessarily, it’s amazing that when music is playing people tend not to speak with you as much as they would do in a quiet room.

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I would give this product 5 out of 5.  I feel this should be the route all pregnancy antenatal classes should take.  The focus is placed on the positive rather than the negative and you are given the opportunity to understand why everything is happening.  Labour became a pleasant experience and I would recommend this to all my friends in the future!