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Never lose a toy again with the Sausage and Chip tracking device

sausage and chip tracking

Ever had that heart-stopping moment when you realise your child’s most precious toy has gone missing? That feeling could soon be a thing of the past toy-tracking device, made by Richmond Sausages and Saatchi & Saatchi London partnership with Amigo.

The Sausage and Chip tracking device for toys

Available through as a giveaway on packs of Richmond Sausages, the tracking device named Sausage and Chip (brownie points for the wordplay) can be attached to treasured possessions to make sure they’re never lost again.

Once the chip is attached, it can be tracked by GPS and Bluetooth using the free Sausage and Chip app which can downloaded to both apple and android phones. This allows the chip to be tracked by you, and only you.

Here’s the promo video to demonstrate how it works:

After watching the video, I could see how the device could be effective when a toy is lost in an open space, such as in a park, on a beach, or on the side of a Welsh mountain. I wondered, however, how would it be as good at helping me find a toy that’s gone missing within closer quarters, like under the bed or behind a cupboard?

The chip in action

When our chip arrived it took a couple of minutes to download the Sausage and Chip app and get the whole thing up and running. The app allows you to name and take a photo of the toy you will be tracking, which is a nice touch for the kids.

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When put to the test out in our local park the tracking device performed well. After getting a helper to hide our teddy in a secure place, we used the app to first to hone in on his location. When the app informed us that he was close by, we  triggered the speaker in the chip to sound an alert, which lead us straight to him even though he was tucked behind a tree.

At home, our next trail run was also a success. Thanks to bleeping sound emitted by the chip, we were able to find Teddy even in his concealed hiding spot on top of the wardrobe.

The verdict

Overall, we found the toy tracker to be very effective, although the technology could sometimes be a little temperamental. The app uses your phone’s GPS to record the toy’s last known location – this means that even if you leave the toy hundreds of miles away the app will be able to tell you where you last had it using the GPS co-ordinates. This is great when it works, but a couple of times we had to refresh the app as it said it was unable to locate Teddy even when we knew he was only feet away from us.

While leaving special toys at home is still the easiest solution to the lost toy issue, I can see how the Sausage and Chip device could be really handy for those times when teddy or dolly simply have to come along for the ride, like during holidays or trips to the hospital.

The only worry is, will I be able to resist attaching the tracker to my youngest the next time we’re in a crowded place? I’m not sure whether that would classed as protective parenting or rather a step too far into Orwell’s 1984.  Just in case, I should probably stick to tracking toys for now…


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