When Gareth Williams rang 999 after his partner began experiencing severe stomach pains, he had no idea what was going to happen next.

Unbeknown to the pair, his girlfriend was actually pregnant and about to give birth!

Rhiannon Oldham, 30, had previously put her weight gain down to eating too many mince pies over Christmas, and otherwise had just been suffering with heartburn.

Here’s the audio from the call:

Video credit: BBC Radio 5 Live/Facebook

Three days after the couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day, 34-year-old Gareth was forced to dial 999 after Rhiannon became distressed.

“On the Friday, Rhiannon had been complaining of stomach pains but we dismissed it, and just kept an eye on it,” he said.

“By the early hours of Saturday morning, she was in agony and I had to carry her from the bathroom to the bedroom, and that’s when I could see that something strange was happening.”

During the confused 999 call, released by the Welsh Ambulance Service, Gareth repeats that his partner is not pregnant, but seemed to have a “lump” coming out of her.

That lump soon turned into baby Philip!