Essex Baby Review

Noa and Nani Brilliant Blue Cabin Bed with Slide, Tower & Tent offers a fun sleep space with plenty of storage. Our Essex Baby reviewer and her son puts this bed to the ultimate test.


This clever and compact brilliant blue cabin bed with its very own slide is perfect for giving your children a safe and sturdy sleep space, as well as a place to hide all their toys away. Combining a quality solid wood mid-sleeper with a secret hide-away underneath, this bed is the perfect place to play whilst providing ample storage for your little one’s clutter. A real winner among children and parents!

Reviewer’s Opinion

The bed was really easy to put together. The instructions are very clear for assembly and took my husband just under two hours to construct.

The bed and all the accessories are very well made and it seems to be very well priced. We were a little bit apprehensive about our son using the bed as he is a quite fearless and was concerned about him just jumping out. However, to our relief he loves the slide and climbing the ladder and must have done this thousands of times already.

Essex Baby Rating

We are delighted with this bed, it is really strong and well made. The space under the bed has provided hours of fun for him and his friends, a proper little den away from mummy and daddy. Essex Baby give the Noa and Nani Brilliant Blue Cabin Bed with Slide, Tower & Tent a 5 out of 5.

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