Despite decades of the ‘5 a day’ message being boosted by government health groups, a high number of children and adults are still unsure about the origins of our fruit and veg, new research suggests.

Research conducted by award-winning self-watering planter brand, Lechuza, found that 20 per cent of children mistook the popular herb oregano for the name of an actor, while over a quarter didn’t know that ketchup is made from tomatoes.

The survey of 2,000 UK parents and children, commissioned by Lechuza to celebrate a new partnership with the Brownies, also found that almost one in three children (31 per cent) said they were ‘frightened’ of vegetables. However, nearly three quarters (72 per cent) admitted they’d be more likely to give veg a go if they grew them themselves.

Not only did more than three in five children feel that growing or picking fruit and vegetables would help them to understand the health benefits, but a massive 98 per cent of children who have previously helped to grow food thought the experience was either easy, fun, or both.

While children may be keen to be part of the growing process, parents’ concerns may be holding them back. Of the parents who do grow plants, 44 per cent said they don’t involve their children as they feel they won’t be interested.

Furthermore, over half of children (56 per cent) and almost half of dads (48 per cent), mistakenly think that plants need a garden to grow.

Lechuza are encouraging families across the nation to try growing greens in self-watering planters that can be used on balconies, window sills, terraces and indoors – as well as in gardens and on patios.

Jamie Dickinson, Lechuza Marketing Manager, said: “Just because you don’t have a garden doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy growing and reaping the rewards as a family.”

Cleo Downs from Girlguiding London and South East England, adds: “Through our ‘Growing Up Wild’ initiative, we’ve been sharing our passion for learning and experiencing where things come from and are delighted to be able to show families just how easy, rewarding and fun it can be to get growing indoors or out.”